"A Page a Day Drives your English Blues Away."

Quote of the day : "Focus is more valuable than IQ." - Robin Sharma.

What can English Blues do for you?

Good English is a must - to get a good job, to be confident, to improve social standing and even to improve your love life. English Blues helps to improve your English, one page at a time.

English Blues is a compilation of the popular column written by English language expert Albert P'Rayan for the New Indian Express. Packed tightly with grammar and vocabulary tips, information and fun, English Blues helps you in the following ways.

  • Heightens your chances in exams and interviews with improved grammar and vocabulary
  • You find it easier to deal with English speaking situations – tips on how to introduce, say thanks, apologise etc
  • Improves your social life and increases your cool factor
  • Improves confidence because you can handle yourself in English
  • It's a book that is cool to be seen with
  • Have fun with friends, impress people by sharing quotes, tips and fun facts
  • Small, easy and daily shareable doses of English.

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"Recently I came across this book "English blues" which attracted me and believe me it's so much fun reading this book and you'll get to learn good English.This is a must try! "English blues" is gonna remove all the apprehensions and make you all healthy with the wealth of proper English!"

Nishitha Raghuram - Vizag


"English is the official language of the sky! It doesn't matter which country they are from, all pilots speak in English on international flights. English Blues is the fun way to learn English."


Raghu Ram - Hyderabad

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